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Got banned from FIMfiction today. Apparently, I got a warning for Spamming that I "Ignored" by not being aware that I got one. That site should really have a system that ensures you see warnings when you get them. You know, like every other site on the planet.
Ranking The Protagonists Of MM [I Lost A Bet]
I lost a bet and had to rank the protagonists of Monster Musume

The bet wasn't clear on what I'm supposed to rank them on, so I'll just assume it's a "Best character" kind of deal crossed with "Which girl would be best for Kimihito".

Note: I haven't actually seen all the episodes, so if the bird girl turns out to actually have a super-tragic backstory and get sad when people mention that she looks like a tiny kid... sorry. I also put the fish on C-tier to annoy a friend of mine that likes the fish.
It's fun to look at the comment sections of "Dont do this dumb mistake" art tutorial vids and look at the incompetents yelling "B-b-but some men DOOOOO have asses that don't fit the body at all! There are many different types of body so my bad art isn't wrong or weird at all, so nyeh!"
So I hear Hasbro was recently voted "Best Place for the LGBT" or whatever. Why is this funny? SJWniverse, the show that prides itself on being """Progressive""", didn't win.
The Current State Of The Brony Fandom
So some of the moneygrubbing hacks among the current list of major brony names buggered off to "The next big thing", and whiny 4channers are infiltrating /mlp/ and playing the "We all deserved this for being so annoying six years ago! All fandoms are destined to die, and so is everything!" card, as if that's actually going to fool anyone. Also, it's been SIX YEARS, how are we STILL triggering antibronies just by existing, loving a show, and having a good time? Why do the dumbest 4chan members insist they're worth a damn when they say something stupid like "We were just an ironic fandom giggling secretly about the silly pony show! But then you genuine fans of the show showed up and RUINED EVERYTHING AND STOLE OUR NAME! STOP ENJOYING THINGS I DON'T!"

I know this is an odd-sounding statement, but... Those that left are replaceable. Anyone can make a cover of songs from the show, anyone can string some notes together in a DAW, anyone can google some tutorials and fart out something generic and "Safe" in a few hours. Not everyone can just get a high-quality mic, but if you have money, it isn't hard to pick one up. I'm not saying all brony music was like that, but a lot of what the "Big names" created was. And we've got plenty of people still hanging around with half their fame and double their talent! We're the Brony Fandom, people! Have you forgotten?! We have a metric FUCKTON of music, art, etc! You just aren't seeing it on your shitty youtube dashboard because the site's fucked up and we aren't really making good use of forums, to be honest. A sidebar/topbar that advertises the latest songs from brony musicians on our forums is a good idea, we should get those.

Look at what's coming out this year. Ignore all the 14 year old transtrender otherkin with eighteen genders on tumblr and ShitRedditSays/Blackreddit/DarkReddit/ShadowReddit claiming that 2016 is the worst year ever and everyone's dying because they lost 24/7 that year, and look at what's coming out this year. My Little Pony: THE MOVIE. Not some lame marketing stunt that gets turned into a good film then back into a marketing stunt that's okish I guess, but an ACTUAL MOVIE. With all the show's REAL writers. Yeah, for some reason, the "Geniuses" at Hasbro decided to send ALL the old show writers to work on the movie, leaving a bunch of morons hired in sweepstakes and the biggest bitch they could find in charge. Jim "It's just for little kids, fuck the complainers, hashtag stupidbrain please stroke my ego" Miller can suck it. That movie is going to be great, and I'm more hyped for that than I am for Vento Aureo's anime, to be honest. We already know the anime will be great, but the movie? We have little to no information on it. And I am hyped as hell.

Also, My Little Pony: Season 7. I'm looking forward to it. If it's good, I'm looking forward to seeing some good pone. And if it sucks, I'm looking forward to making videos about why it sucks, and laughing at the bad episodes and bad decisions Hasbro makes with all my brony friends. Yes, even though I'm astill banned from MLPforums, also known as Hasdrone Central, I'm in a Discord chat full of genuine bronies that were also banned for pissing off Simon or any of the other little bitches. For better or for worse, I'm still a brony, and so are my friends. Because a community doesn't just dissolve the second some two-bit cynical wanker with uninspired videos and "Lol bronies suck and wear fedoras and everyone but me is dumb" jokes claims we're all dying because we don't love him enough and haven't been funding enough of his "Woe is me! I'm so edgy I drink! Youtube comments... Confound these ponies, they drive me to drink!" drinking habits.. Good or bad, we're still a thing. And now that they've left, they aren't.

Also, remember the "Lullaby for a Princess" guys? Yeah, they're still going. They're cool, I like them. You know you rock when your fandom's unpaid fanmade products are of a higher quality than most animation on TV these days.

Finally... You know what'd be great? If the antibronies would stop attacking the kids that make OCs and fan videos for being "Cringey". Yes, we get it, Dusk's Dawn sucks, the brony fandom wouldn't have videos explaining why if we didn't already know this. If you really need something to "Cringe" at, go look at some whiteknight flip out, or watch a Hillary fan defend her to the death and jump through all the mental gymnastics necessary to do so. Or anything, really. If you want to watch people arguably more pathetic than you make an ass out of themselves according to your standards, AND you want to ACTUALLY have the moral high ground, then go laugh at some grown-ass adults acting like idiots, because ganging up on and bullying children is not something people worth a damn do.
If you're black and you and your friends kidnap a white special needs guy and torture him while yelling "Fuck white people!" and "This guy represents all trump voters! Fuck Trump!", and you livestream it on Facebook, Chicago will refuse to call it a hate crime and the superintendent will call it "Kids being kids" and "Bad home training" and ask where their parents are, as if the "Trump fans and whites and cops are raycis" narrative isn't to blame for this at all. (Blaming the parents? That might have been accurate 10/20 years ago, back when you either blamed videogames or a lack of free money or whatever the left hated that week because you were afraid of blaming the parents for anything. That's also pretty funny, considering the serial kidnappers in that group of four are missing parents) Also, Youtube will censor the video and all mirrors of it, first by claiming it's "Deceptive Practices" (Lol, it's The BLM, we've all gotten used to their deceptive practices by now), and then by claiming it's "Promoting bullying", probably after someone in charge noticed the pun some paid Youtube Hero put there. According to the left, you're just a kid being a kid.
(Meanwhile, one of Youtube's top moneymakers is LeafyIsHere, a cringe cancer parasite that bullies kids and the mentally disabled and otherwise vulnerable for a living and promotes the bullying of those people, but Google-owned Youtube's double standards are a topic for another day.)

If you're Muslim and you take a fake bomb to school, you're a victim of racial profiling and your bomb is "Just a clock" and anyone who objects is racist. Never mind the fact that in the same year, a white kid was suspended for seemingly eating a poptart into the shape of a gun, when he was actually eating it into a mountain and got stopped before he could finish.

If you're a woman and you fake a rape accusation, carry a mattress around campus to get even more attention, ruin the lives of men, and openly admit that you weren't even raped in the first place, the left will STILL stand by you and call you a rape victim.

If you're a muslim and a youtuber with videos like "YELLING ALAHU ACKBAR ON A CROWDED PLANE PRANK!!!" and "COUNTING DOWN FROM TEN IN ARABIC ON A PLANE PRANK!!!", and you get kicked off a public plane for trying to make another prank video on one, and you're "Racially profiled" and "Just kicked off for speaking in arabic".

If you're a muslim and you yell "Alahu Ackbar" in a crowded public place and blow yourself up as the Koran tells you to, and the POTUS Obama will refuse to call that an act of Islamic Terrorism, even though Alahu Ackbar literally means "God is great", and either he or whoever in his club drew the short straw this week will claim this is an act of "Extremism" and yell "Terrorism has no religion". And when you remember the outrage when those christian bakers refused to bake a gay wedding cake, you can only imagine the nation-wide #outrage that'd occur if a christian shot up a gay club while yelling "Praise Jesus!". Just imagine the opposite of the "It's nothing to do with Islam, don't be racist!" bullshit they pulled back in Ohio. You know, the event that created #GaysForTrump.

And if you're a BLM member, if you riot and loot and smash up cars and burn stuff, you're a misunderstood peaceful protestor fighting oppression.

But if you disagree with a feminist or SJW, if you wear a MAGA hat, if you vote for Donald Trump, or if you have white skin, you're automatically evil, a Fascist Nazi, a rapist, a subhuman, an oppressor, and Literally Hitler. And if you're black or muslim or a woman, you stop counting as a black or a muslim or a woman, you lose your race cards and gender cards and religion cards and all the points they put onto it, because you're "Part of the problem" and you have "Internalized mysogyny".

Leftism. Not even once. Never again.


Silver Starapple
Artist | Professional | Literature
I am a brony, my Ponysona is Silver Star Apple.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are best ponies.

Rainbow Dash

Upon taking the pony test, I got a three-way tie between Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I was almost also a Rarity and Pinkie Pie, and I had no ranks in Fluttershy. Still, I wanted both Dash and Twi on my page, so I retook it, and selected the stereotyical 'Twilight-ish' answers.

Twilight Sparkle


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Did you see my pic about this?

The man's a fraud and an asshole. Lauren Faust wanted this to be a show anyone could enjoy. She wanted to put effort in. She hated the "It's just for little girls" excuse. Jim Miller, the little bitch that he is, will bring this excuse out the second anyone criticizes him, and then he'll block the critic and cry with compliment-bait tweets like "It's weird how negative comments mean so much more to me than positive ones #stupidbrain" to get some ego-stroking. In interviews, he'll act like he's the sole reason the show is good. Even though season 6 was ass, with a few rare ok episodes that happened IN SPITE OF his directing "Style", not because of it. He's a terrible person and a worse director. If it was something else, I'd say he should be replaced, but hijacking MLPFIM and coasting on its brand name and shitting on what it's supposed to stand for while wanking off to the ego-stroking of hasdrones that'll claim Jim is perfect and all change is good change and any dissenters just can't handle change uwu? He should be fired.
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