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A joke:
Why do Liberals make terrible office workers?
Because they're agenda-fluid.
Silver Star Apple (Colour corrected)
His colours are now more show-accurate, and his eyebrow looks better. I'm not 100% sure about the eye, and while his mane's colours are now 100% accurate to Spitfire's, I'm not sure if that harsh orange outline looks right on them, or on his silver body. I'm thinking of lightening their HSL value by ten or so points.

Life's been pretty crazy, but I finally have time to really get shit done. It's early in the morning, and I'm uploading this.
/mlpol/ is a thing of beauty. Mods combined the boards, hoping fighting would break out... And instead, the two became friends.

Can't wait to see leftists cry about Nazi Ponies.
I think Jim Miller is in a /mlp/ thread, and I think people broke the person he brought along to defend him while he calls anyone who criticizes him bad words.
room for ruby. i see peridot and lapis in the thumbnail. great, another "we need to find a place where you belong" episode.

anyway, from the leaked scene, it looks like this is either going to be a generic "even the bad guys can change and become good" episode or a "some bad guys are pure evil and will betray you no matter what" episode, which has been done. if they go with the latter, fans will projectile turbogasm about how forward-thinking their show is for including a cute but pure evil villain, because they've never seen it done better.

"Alright, Steven Universe, go work your magic!" - Garnet

The protagonist cliche is that the hero is so pure he can turn anyone good. This show... can't decide if it wants to do that or not. Naruto's a better hero than this guy.

Christ, Lapis looks more and more like a Copy-Paste-Delete character every day.

They had an opportunity to give Lapis PTSD and do a moral about recovering from traumatic experiences, and they blew it by treating trauma like it's some generic sitcom "He once fell off his bike. Now he hates all bikes and bikers. When a biker has to crash at his place, hilarity ensues!" crap.

Calling it right frickin now, Navy's going to betray the heroes because Steven is a shit hero and the Coconut Guns are shit heroes in-universe and out. Every time they win, it's due to pure dumb luck or cheesing it with fusion.

Oh, hey, it's an episode about jealousy. A very shitty episode about jealousy. It's hard to tell if the writers are trying to be funny here, trying to be deep here, or trying to make Navy look as shallow and fake as possible on purpose because she's going to betray the heroes.

And now, Lapis's hair is a shitty pompadour. I don't say this often enough, but this show is Toonboom Trash, so why can't these artists stay on-model or pick a style and stick with it? If I wanted, I could find multiple pictures of Pearl drawn shittily and off-model by different artists on the show's team, and I could post them on tumblr and watch tweens and thirty-somethings swear on their lives that either "It's good animation because muh squash and stretch concept I don't fully understand but feel qualified to lecture you on" or "It's good animation b-b-b-b-because fuck you you're too dumb to appreciate the show's brilliance only I can see when I squint so hard my eyes are shut and the third eye on my navel is opened". I saw animations made by unpaid and untrained fans as a hobby back in the early 2000s on Newgrounds animated better than this shitty show.

Predictably, Evil Ruby turned on the heroes and stole the ship. Steven didn't think to stretch or pull himself back in or kick the CGs into the ship, Lapis didn't think to use her water wings or the ocean she was flying above or thrown into, Peridot didn't think to use her metal powers, and the supposed tech genius Peridot didn't think to say "Actually no Steven that's the button that puts a shield around the pilot and opens the back door, don't ask why we'd need that in a damn Ruby ship, just press a different button". Why are the CGs so damn incompetent whenever the plot needs them to be? The CGs are thrown into the ocean, and there's a part where Lapis could have grabbed the ship with her hilariously broken water powers but failed because she was too busy laughing because she KNEW something was up, NOBODY could be better-adjusted than her!

Gigga you escaped from a mirror you could have escaped from at any time by giving messages to Pearl and telling her "I am one of you, you dumbasses, let me out" but didn't because plot. Those years of imprisonment were your own fault. You then tried to steal the world's ocean to make a bridge to your planet, only to fail because you don't know how bridges or finite water supplies work. You got healed by someone that should have shattered you the second you turned your back and you fucked off back to your home planet, somehow flying in the fuckyoum of space, and you failed to realize civilizations tend to advance over time. Also, at this point, if the CGs had told Steven the truth, he'd be able to tell you the truth and we'd have skipped the Jasper arc. You lost to Jasper despite your stupid broken water powers and got taken back to earth. You failed to escape on your own. You then chose to fuse with an enemy combatant solely because you wanted someone to hurt, then played the victim when you got out and your broken victim begged you for more fused funtimes. You then punched through Greg's boat without a second thought. You then moved to the barn, acted like a little bitch, then got over your trauma overnight because these writers are tumblr-tier. You then forgot that you fell in love with this planet almost immediately, because plot. There are definitely people better-adjusted than you, you unbearable little Mary Sue.

Evil Ruby could have thrown the CGs into space as karmic retribution, allowing for another bubbled filler episode, maybe gotten in some ACTUAL character development for once, but nah, Evil Ruby throws the CGs into the ocean, EVEN THE OCEANBENDER, and fucks off into space. She'll return when the writers remember that she exists.

Garnet shows up, useless as ever, and she pops the "Things went well" balloon. WHAT AMAZING FUTURE VISION YOU HAVE THERE. One could only imagine what would happen if you used it well, bringing a boat driven by Pearl or Greg and catching the CGs, then giving them better tools and throwing them back into the ship before it left.


Silver Starapple
Artist | Professional | Literature
I am a brony, my Ponysona is Silver Star Apple.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are best ponies.

Rainbow Dash

Upon taking the pony test, I got a three-way tie between Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I was almost also a Rarity and Pinkie Pie, and I had no ranks in Fluttershy. Still, I wanted both Dash and Twi on my page, so I retook it, and selected the stereotyical 'Twilight-ish' answers.

Twilight Sparkle


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Did you see my pic about this?

The man's a fraud and an asshole. Lauren Faust wanted this to be a show anyone could enjoy. She wanted to put effort in. She hated the "It's just for little girls" excuse. Jim Miller, the little bitch that he is, will bring this excuse out the second anyone criticizes him, and then he'll block the critic and cry with compliment-bait tweets like "It's weird how negative comments mean so much more to me than positive ones #stupidbrain" to get some ego-stroking. In interviews, he'll act like he's the sole reason the show is good. Even though season 6 was ass, with a few rare ok episodes that happened IN SPITE OF his directing "Style", not because of it. He's a terrible person and a worse director. If it was something else, I'd say he should be replaced, but hijacking MLPFIM and coasting on its brand name and shitting on what it's supposed to stand for while wanking off to the ego-stroking of hasdrones that'll claim Jim is perfect and all change is good change and any dissenters just can't handle change uwu? He should be fired.
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Funnily enough the first season was more meant for little girls than the later seasons.
SilverStarApple Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Professional Writer
Makes sense, since she had to play it safe in S1. I'm pretty sure she stayed on the show until around... S3/4?
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